How Does Rent to Own Work? Signs to Tell If It Is the Choice for You

If you are having trouble fitting your belongings in your home or garage and are unsure of your options, a storage shed is easily the most convenient storage option. Having your valuables, gardening tools, or sporting equipment in your backyard is a great luxury to have. 

However, a storage shed can seem like a daunting investment after seeing how much they can cost. Historically, you had two options when it came to investing in a storage unit, and sometimes neither option was ideal for a prospective buyer/renter. In the past, it really came down to either renting it like an apartment and never truly owning it, or buying it outright. Now, places like Cincinnati Sheds offer a third and much more flexible option called Rent-to-Own.

What is Rent-to-Own?

Rather than pay the full price of the shed upfront or have an indefinite number of monthly payments, renting to own is simply paying off the cost of the shed in monthly installments until it is completely paid off. After it is paid off, you own the storage shed.

You can look at it as a rental storage shed with the option to buy at the end of the payment period.

How to Know If It’s Right for You

The Rent-to-Own option isn’t for everybody. Some people prefer to pay for their shed outright and not bother with monthly payments, and others find it better to go renting to own for budgetary reasons.

If you find that any of the following reasons draw you to the rent-to-own option, it might be the right choice for you when you decide on your storage shed.


If you’ve been searching in your area for rental units that and are finding that there aren’t any close to your home or the act of driving somewhere to pick up things that you own feels like a hassle, a rent-to-own storage unit takes the renting aspect of a storage unit and adds the convenience of that storage building being in your own backyard.

If you have space in your yard to do so, a storage shed can be the perfect option for your storage needs.


If you’re not quite sure whether to rent your shed or buy it outright, choosing the rent-to-own option provides you with the flexibility to do a number of things while you have the storage shed.

In the event that you no longer want or need your storage shed, while renting-to-own you have the option to stop paying, end your agreement, and have the shed taken off your hands. You have no obligation to pay the rest of the monthly payments.

Conversely, if you aren’t interested in making the monthly payments anymore and want to pay off the remaining balance of the shed, you can do that too.

You also have the option to choose between a two and four-year contract length, giving you some added flexibility when it comes to how much your monthly payment will be.

Financial Security

Paying for a shed in its entirety upfront can seem daunting. Luckily, with rent-to-own, you can have peace of mind knowing you can fit renting and eventually owning a shed into your budget by making the same monthly payment over the course of two or four years.

At the end of the agreement, you can be happy knowing that you own your storage shed and didn’t have to take pay for it all at once, potentially causing stress on your finances.

Being short on cash does not mean you can’t get a storage shed of your own.

No Credit Check

If your credit score isn’t in the best shape, that’s okay, because Cincinnati Sheds does not require a credit check in order to begin renting-to-own a storage shed. You can go into the rent-to-own process without having to worry about getting denied the ability to rent because of a low credit score.

Cincinnati Sheds offers more than just high-quality sheds; they also allow you to customize your own shed to fit your needs as well as the flexibility to pay off your shed in a way that will suit you. If you are in the market for a well-built shed while also staying within your budget, check out Cincinnati Sheds for all of your rent-to-own storage shed needs