Storage Shed Security Tips

A storage shed is a sizeable investment, so it’s important that it’s secure and its contents are kept safe. Unfortunately, storage buildings are a common target since they’re usually kept less securely than the typical house. What’s more, they’re often filled with valuable tools and equipment, making them even more attractive to potential burglars. 

That said, it’s crucial that your storage shed receives security as well as the rest of your residence. Here are some tips for protecting your shed and the belongings inside.

Choose Location Wisely

When picking a location for your shed, it’s important to place it in a spot where it cannot be seen from the road. If it’s in plain sight, it’s more likely to attract attention. However, you also don’t want your shed to be so far away that you can’t see it from your house. So, keep your shed just close enough to your home to be convenient for use, and also to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Clear the Surrounding Area

Along with choosing a smart location for your shed, you’ll also want to make sure that the area surrounding the structure is free of tall bushes, shrubs, or trees. Anything that may obstruct your view of the shed from your home should be either removed or trimmed down. That way, your shed can be in plain sight at all times.

Inspect the Shed

When it comes to shed security, it’s important that you give your shed a thorough inspection, especially if you’ve had it for a while. Check for any weak points in the structure like cracks in the exterior or loose screws. Also, keep an eye out for damage caused by pests or critters. Fix any issues as soon as you can, and make sure the shed is as sturdy as possible.

Cover Up Windows 

If your shed has windows, make sure they’re covered up. If not, any passerby will be able to peer into your shed and see its contents. Avoid this by covering the windows with curtains or shutters. Or, use some glass-frosting or tinting to coat the surface. 

Make Sure It’s Locked

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s crucial that you remember to lock your shed up every night. If you’re concerned that your shed’s current lock may not be secure enough, consider buying a heavier-duty one. Many shed owners opt for deadbolt-style locks for maximum security. Additionally, don’t forget to use a lock that’s weather and rust-resistant so it won’t get worn down over time. 

Install Motion Detector Lighting

Motion sensor lights are very helpful when it comes to detecting activity around your shed. It’s best to install these types of lights in areas that are visible from your house. That way, you’ll be able to see when the light turns on and check out what’s happening. 

They may get triggered by harmless creatures, like neighborhood cats or racoons, but ultimately a false alarm leaves you better safe than sorry.

Anchor it Down

Anchoring your shed to the ground is a great way to protect the structure from damage during high winds or severe weather, especially if your shed is on the smaller side. Keep in mind that your town may have certain building requirements for shed anchors, so be sure to know the rules beforehand. 

The foundation and material used for your shed will determine which type of anchor system you should use. The two most popular options are auger-style anchors, which are screwed directly into the ground, and concrete anchors, which are used to anchor the shed to its concrete foundation. No matter which option you choose, anchoring your shed will protect it from being damaged or blown away by natural disasters.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Does your home insurance policy extend to cover your shed and its contents? If not, it may be a good idea to speak with an insurance agent and see if you can add a shed to your policy. While it may increase your premium a bit, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your shed and equipment are covered under insurance.

Shed Security Checklist

If you’re concerned that some shed security measures may have slipped your mind, here’s a short checklist you can run through to make sure your shed is safe and sound:

  • Is there any damage to the shed’s exterior?

  • Are the windows covered up and secure?

  • Is the shed’s lock sturdy and secure?

  • Is the shed anchored to the ground or to its foundation?

  • Is the shed in plain sight from your house? Is surrounding greenery blocking the view?

  • Are all items and equipment put back in the shed and locked up every night?

  • Does your insurance policy extend to cover your shed? 

By keeping the above things in mind, you’ll be able to ensure that your shed is as secure as possible!


If you have any additional questions on shed security, feel free to contact us.


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