Considerations When Buying Outdoor Storage

Your car hasn’t seen the inside of the garage in 6 years. You’re constantly ordering gardening trowels from Amazon because the ones stored in the plastic bin outside keep rusting in the rain. You’ve tripped over bikes in the yard for the last time. Enough is enough. “Operation Outdoor Storage” is underway. 
If you’ve long been frustrated by a lack of storage space for all the things you only need sometimes but not every day (and not in your way), you are not alone. Homeowners everywhere in search of either sanity, solitude or a better way of living are embracing outdoor storage spaces. The demand for outdoor storage options is on the rise, and even sweeping the nation as a hot trend! She-shed, anyone? 
But once you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, you may find that choosing a storage solution can be overwhelming. How do you find the right option for you? 
Whether you’re looking for functional space to store seasonal gear or a cozy place to finally unpack those old art supplies, there is definitely an outdoor storage option for you. Whatever the ultimate usage goal for your storage unit may be, there are essential fundamentals that apply across the board when considering an outdoor storage space. 

Find Your You-Shed

Maybe you know exactly what style your storage shed should be and it’s already decorated or organized in your mind! But if you’re still trying to narrow down what type and design will work best for you, start by scrolling through options to create your yes/no/maybe pile. Still can’t find the perfect one? Design it yourself with custom colors, select materials, even front porches and loft space!

Design In Mind

An outdoor storage unit should be an attractive and natural complement to your existing home. According to HGTV, “Versatile and multi-functional, sheds are now becoming an extension of the home's storage space while also taking on the features and style of the home's exterior.” 

Creating cohesiveness in the design can elevate the aesthetic of your entire property. Just as an attractive unit can add value to your home, a poorly constructed shed can eventually become an eyesore and maintenance nightmare. And that could drive your property value down. 

Craftsmanship Counts

Once you’ve determined the optimal design of the structure, you will select your maker. And if you think that maker is you, consider your skill set carefully. This is a DIY undertaking that might be best left off your to-do list. 

A storage shed is, in essence, an extension of your home and should be built with the same high-end process and durability, so it’s best to hire a professional to get the job done. After all, you need a quality product that can withstand long winters, seasonal changes and the wear and tear of storing heavy items. From the foundation to the roof, your shed should be built to last.   

Curb Appeal

Shed curb appeal is key. Show your new outdoor space some love with some decorative elements like a front door wreath, some uplighting, or get creative and tie together your home and shed with landscape elements or a footpath. Bonus shed feature: you can see it from your house! You can’t enjoy how your own home looks from the outside when you’re in it. So have some fun creating something you love looking at. 

Shed Some Light

There are different options to explore when lighting your shed for round the clock use. If you’re wiring with standard electric or incorporating low voltage landscape lighting, safety is vital. Double-check your local building and electrical codes, and definitely hire a professional electrician. You can also explore energy-efficient solar power options

Problem Solving

The desire for an outdoor storage unit is usually generated by a problem you are looking to solve. Don’t create another problem for yourself down the road by not selecting the right unit for the long-term. Will your Harley collection grow? Will you add a pottery wheel to your art space? You should consider future growth and plan around it even though this might mean investing more to achieve lasting fulfillment. 

Avoid Storage Wars

Before you finalize your new shed purchase, you have to check a few boxes first. Did you check your local building codes which might dictate the size and location of your outdoor storage unit? If you have an HOA, did you make sure you’re in compliance with any regulations before you proceed? And if you’d rather prevent the side-eye from your buddies on the block, take into consideration what impact your outdoor storage shed might have to those in proximity to your property. While you may be thrilled about your new-found organized life, your neighbor might be silently stewing about their new-found loss of the sunny spot in their garden. Be as considerate as possible in the placement of your new shed. 

Timing is Everything

Think about the timing for your outdoor storage shed delivery. While it may be fun to stick a big red bow on it for a Christmas surprise, work with your vendor on scheduling with weather fluctuations in mind. And depending on the type of surface and foundation integrated with the shed, weather conditions should be considered. 
If the time is finally right and you’ve made the decision to embrace an outdoor storage solution, get in touch with Cincinnati Sheds to bring your dream to life!

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