Shed Lighting Options

Lighting might not be at the top of your list when you're planning out your shed details but, depending on what the shed is for, maybe it should be. How you light your space is important, whether you're illuminating every corner of a storage area or creating the perfect man cave ambiance. Fortunately, you have many options to consider!

Natural Light

Natural light alone will have limitations, but windows and skylights, even a sun tunnel or cupola are a refreshing way to let the sunshine in! Since it’s likely not practical to use only natural lighting for your shed, artificial light, from solar to battery-powered to electric, will be necessary for on-demand lighting whenever you need it. 

The Power of the Sun

Solar-powered lights harness the sun's energy to produce power. This natural energy is stored in rechargeable batteries, which can power your lighting for up to 8 hours. When the sun comes up again, the batteries recharge. 

Solar Panels usually have powerful LED lights, with units that can be mounted in different locations, like on a post or above the door to provide spot illumination. 

You can even incorporate solar-powered security lights, which are durable and waterproof so that you can place them outside the shed. As exposure to the sun is critical for this lighting to work properly, your shed needs to be located with direct access to the sun or else your lights will fade or dim. And if you live in a rainy climate, you may want to keep shopping!

Batteries Included 

If you are only accessing your shed rarely or seasonally, you might be able to utilize battery-powered lighting. Because of wireless installation, this is the ultimate hassle-free option!

There are numerous light sizes and shapes, with a surprising range of high-powered LEDs. And if you select lights with motion sensor capability, the convenience factor goes up even more. In fact, batteries can last up to 12 months with moderate usage.

Electrical Lighting 

Electrically powered lights are a popular lighting option, especially if your shed is an extension of your living space. Often your intended shed use requires electricity for more than lighting anyway, like for workshop equipment or a mini-fridge. 

Fluorescent lights can be an ideal way to cast a wide swath of light so you can navigate your shed easily or safely. This type of lighting has come a long way and is more energy-efficient than ever before, with high light output and a broad color spectrum.

LED Lights

Another option, LED lights, come in a variety of styles that can be mounted under cabinets and on walls, even linked and controlled with one switch. LED strips lights are perfect for around the baseboard and counters to create a seamless light band. They're flexible, dimmable, and have an adhesive backing for easy installation.

If you do go electrical, make sure to have a professional do the installation and verify that electrical and building codes are in compliance. Whether natural or artificial, solar or electrical, you can illuminate your shed for maximum use and enjoyment!